About Us

We are Geniusin Ltd, a global information technology company providing simple solutions to everyday challenges in the business to consumer world by reconnecting customers with staff and not replacing them with technology. We were founded by the team who pioneered the first customer counting and tracking tools to hit the retail industry in 1996.

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Our Mission

To provide simple solutions to everyday challenges in the business to consumer world.



A waiter calling and customer experience tracking tool.

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An innovative service call button, collecting instant feedback.

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Core Values

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21st March 2018 in buzz2get

The Great Comeback of the Quick Response (QR) code

Discovered before its time, the Quick Response (QR) code suffered a downfall from which it recovered better, stronger and more powerful making it one of the greatest efficiency leading inventions used by marketers across multiple industries. (more…)
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22nd February 2018 in buzz2get

Buzz2get partners with Briteyellow Ltd to make car buying easier

Two technology companies are working together to make life easier for customers when they are looking to buy a new car from a showroom or forecourt. Cranfield-based wireless and software specialist Briteyellow, and global information technology company Geniusin, of Milton Keynes, are collaborating to make the buzz2get mobile phone application, even more powerful. (more…)
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