About Geniusin

Geniusin Ltd is an information and technology company that provides fresh digital management solutions to businesses across multiple industry sectors. 

Geniusin’s Managing and Technical Director, Paul Tombs, co-founded the company back in 2011 to continue his innovative flare for creating simple solutions that are highly effective in two areas: driving operational performance and helping companies deliver exceptional customer experience in a changing market place. 

Paul was one of the early pioneers of customer counting and performance tracking tools back in the 90’s for some of the largest global high street retail brands, which counted, reported and provided interpretation on over 1 billion customer visits to stores per annum. 

It all began with SPSL discovering the need for people counting in retail environments as store managers had no access to footfall data and therefore couldn’t tell suppliers how a new product redesign was selling or what their conversion rates were. The solution was born out of missile guidance technology, and so they developed the first ever infrared customer counting system providing retail managers with invaluable footfall data; helping them to identify customer trends, patterns and retail insights to improve the whole customer experience. 

In 2007, SPSL became part of Synovate Retail Performance, which then, in 2011 was acquired by Ipsos Retail Performance and is now part of the worlds third largest market research providers, monitoring over 3.1 billion visits per year across 50 countries. Whilst holding the position of Managing and Technical Director at Synovate Retail Performance Ltd, Paul was recognised as one of the top 0.5% UK business leaders in 2009 and 2010. Having managed a pan wide European roll out of customer counting systems in 860 mobile phone stores, the teams experience isn’t just limited to technology, data collection and analytics. Paul then co-founded Geniusin to continue along this vein harnessing and deploying golden nuggets of agile technology across pressured market sectors. 

Geniusin’s first product release was getWaiter; a waiter calling and feedback app for instant table service. As a customer experience tracking tool, the app delivered a live barometer of customer service, enabling businesses from the hospitality sector to control, measure and respond to even the smallest dips or highlights in their performance. 

As digital transformation started to trend, Geniusin’s team recognised that getWaiter’s transferable functionality could be utilised by other industry sectors with similar challenges. This led to  further development of getWaiter to energise its core capabilities and create an additional suite of powerful management solutions to satisfy the needs of their new audience. This resulted in the launch of  Buzz2Get.

Having identified the level of fragility, market disruptions and the emerging technologies that are pressuring the automotive industry, Buzz2Get was set on course to help used car dealerships and automotive retailers drive operational efficiency and profitability in a transitional environment.

Today the Buzz2Get brand specialises in offline to online customer engagement solutions and helps businesses drive operational excellence across not only the automotive area, but also hospitality, retail, real estate and the transport sector.