We are Geniusin Ltd, a global information technology company providing simple solutions to everyday challenges in the business to consumer world by reconnecting customers with staff and not replacing them with technology. We were founded by the team who pioneered the first customer counting and tracking tools to hit the retail industry in 1996.

Prior to launching Geniusin, the founders developed a business, SPSL, counting and tracking over 1 billion customers a year, providing valuable customer insight and analytics that allowed our clients to prosper even during the harshest retail environment for years.

During this time, the team at Geniusin worked with some of the World’s biggest brands and retailers to create new footfall counting technology, analytical tools and reporting systems not previously seen within the retail industry. SPSL was acquired by Synovate in Dec 2007 and is now part of IPSOS Mori.

Having seen the impact that such technology could have on performance improvements and incremental rises in profitability the team set to work and launched Geniusin Ltd to exploit advanced technology data capture tools and associated analytics within the Hospitality and Retail environments.

The first technology from this work was getWaiter! a waiter calling and feedback app with “customer service tracking” at it’s core. Moving forward from traditional mystery shopper and mystery guests this tool not only empowers the customer, in fact 100’s per month per venue, but also more importantly transforms every one of them into a customer service tracker that gives the business a true and live barometer of customer service, which is indicative of future sales.

Backed by the results the technology had on improving performance and its impact on profitability within the hospitality sector, Geniusin looked to develop its tools further. The company’s current goal is to support all consumer businesses in driving performance through exceptional customer experience using a single application.

Backed by research showing that propitiatory apps are losing popularity and have a limited lifespan, Geniusin developed buzz2get, a brand new concept that replaces the need for the consumer to use different apps in their day-to-day lives, benefiting both them and the brand.