We are collaborating with the MK:Smart Project to achieve sustainable growth for the Hospitality sector.

Our ultimate goal is to turn Milton Keynes into a getWaiter! landmark that will attract hospitality businesses to come on board with the Smart City vision across the entire United Kingdom.

Together we aim to welcome local hospitality businesses with this revolutionary project, which will have a ripple effect on the whole of the UK.

The purpose of our collaboration is to address hospitality challenges and put waiters and customers at the heart of their operational focus. Our insightful system will provide the businesses and their community with a true taste of a future Smart City.

Our ambition is to create a difference that extends beyond helping our local hospitality businesses. As a proactive brand, we are continuously seeking further collaborations that we can join forces with, to provide even better Smart City solutions.

MK: Smart

An integrated innovation and support programme, which will leverage large-scale city data to provide solutions to the key demand problems and will also provide a generic enabling infrastructure to sustain and accelerate economic growth by promoting innovation” – Enrico Motta, Professor in Knowledge Technologies at The Open University.

A collective initiative, partly funded by the HEFCE (the Higher Education Council for England) and led by The Open University that integrates vast amounts of relevant city data to revolutionise and become a prime example of a Smart City transformation.


getWaiter! is an easy to deploy waiter calling and feedback app for instant table service.

An innovative customer experience tracking tool, providing a live barometer of customer service, enabling you to control, measure and respond to even the smallest performance dips or improvements. Armed with this tool you will capture competitive advantage; the accurate analytical data collected will enable you to highlight service bottlenecks; identify improvements and therefore continuously drive operational excellence whilst increasing your profitability.