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Allergen Information: Accuracy made simple with getWaiter!

A growing amount of consumers are now looking out for allergen information when eating out. With over 2 million food sensitive people in the UK, this particular customer demand is definitely worth prioritising.

Hospitality guests are eagerly waiting for operators to catch up and adopt technologies that enhance their customer experiences. Luckily, there are plenty of various  tech solutions available nowadays that can help businesses meet their customers expectations. So why do we find so many businesses still hesitating to enter the digital transformation?

The cost and the ease of implementation can definitely slow down the decision-making process. However, a reliable cloud-based solution such as getWaiter! can be deployed almost instantly without heavy costs or intense staff training. getWaiter! helps to overcome some of the most important Hospitality Challenges that almost every food outlet is, or may end up facing. The reason the app is so effective is due to its agility. getWaiter! changes its functionality to stay aligned with the business’s overall goals and objectives. As a result of a recent client consultation, getWaiter! has expanded its premium service and now offers an allergen complaint functionality.

Accurate Allergen Information

getWaiter! helps to deliver accurate allergen information to restaurant’s customers and their employees. It does so by allowing the customer to select menu options free of ingredients they cannot, or would prefer not to have. This simple interface gives consumers a quick and trustworthy solution to the problem of identifying the meals and drinks they can order safely and with confidence. Furthermore, the app de-stresses those possible situations where the waiters are found rushed off their feet, trying to juggle a number of tasks at a time, leaving customers agitated about their eating requirements being forgotten. The app achieves this by offering a spare set of eyes that give the waiting staff a gentle reminder of each customers respective allergen requirements.

Accurate Allergen Data

Using the extensive insight data collected behind the scenes of getWaiter!, you can now track what your customers are most often allergic to, and further streamline your menu to give a wider range of options to people with specific needs, increasing the chance they will become a repeat consumer, achieving the elusive second sale and increasing revenue generation.

Using getWaiter! to show, track and account for the allergies of your customers is a clear record of your willingness to take reasonable precautions against an unforeseen allergic reaction. Human error is always a factor in business; use getWaiter! to help alleviate risk of an anaphylactic catastrophe.

Contact us directly to discuss your businesses challenges and goals. Together we will find the best solution and help you drive up your overall performance.

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